Welcome to Gold Dust Woman

GOLD DUST WOMAN is an 8-piece band that takes audiences in to the legendary, chart topping 4+ decades of the timeless music of Stevie Nicks’ legendary solo career, along with the Fleetwood Mac classics.

Supported by an amazingly accomplished group of musicians, when Janet steps out on the stage, she transforms the true magical essence and beauty that is Stevie Nicks. Her likeness both visually and vocally, are absolutely captivating and she has been hailed as “the closest thing to Stevie herself!”.

GOLD DUST WOMAN provides an electrifying and dynamic show which has their audiences cheering for more.

Janet & band we’re on fire when I saw them perform at the Warehouse. It’s amazing how much she really does sound like Stevie! Any Fleetwood Mac fan should definitely go see these guys…
– Mick James

… People love Gold Dust Woman

I Saw Janet Spallone Soluri and her band Gold Dust Woman at their debut at the Warehouse recently…. I was blown away. She delivers the best Stevie Nicks songs that we’ve all known and loved all our lives and you can’t help but get drawn into her voice and the band and the feeling is so amazing. I could listen to her every night … she is that good! Excellent background singers and musicians round it all out. Go check them out!… drowning in a sea of love.

-Tina Lombardo Koetzner