Fan Testimonials

We attended the concert on last Saturday night at Smith Point. Your band is incredible. Beyond belief. Stevie you were
outstanding, back up singers and guitarist playing and singing. The crowd was in awe. No problems at all with the
crowd. Everyone was singing along and having such a fab time. Didn’t want it to end. But all good things must come to
an end. See ya next time.

Susan L.

You all were INCREDIBLE last night!! First time seeing you’ll and I’m telling you it was an out of body experience just

Nick S

It was an amazing night!! My face hurt from smiling….

Jennifer C.

You are amazing…. went with friends to listen to your band.
You sound just like Stevie

Marlene M.

All I can say is You Rock!!! Loved every part of your show!!! Can’t wait to see you again. Keep Rockin!!!!

Kathy M.

Not enough accolades to tell you how amazing you were last night!! Can’t wait to see you again!!

Gayle K.

Love you guys, thank you for all you do. I’ve seen you at Tanner Park also. I loved what you do with the Marching
bands. You give back and that’s beautiful.

Edward E.

Janet, you guys are AMAZING!!!
What an INCREDIBLE Show!Love it!!!

Robert F.

You guys are AMAZING! My first time seeing you guys was at Tiki Joe’s, Smith Point, a couple of weeks ago! Janet, if I
closed my eyes, I would swear I was listening to Stevie Nicks herself! Kudos to you & the entire band! Keep on singing &
rocking, guys!

Mel S

First time seeing your band….. absolutely amazing !!!


Awesome show ! Felt I was at a Fleetwood /Stevie show..

Angelo C.

You and your band killed it last night. OMG, so amazing.

Jennifer M.

You guys were awesome we loved it!!!

Dawn M.

Always a wonderful time when I come to see you all perform.
The Charismatic stage presence is as real as all of you
Janet. You are the most wonderful front woman!!
You bring your smile to that stage and leave everyone smiling as well
Love you to pieces!
All of you talented beyond words.

Bettyann V.

Simply amazing!

Darlene F.

What a terrific at show last nite. Had to be a thousand people between the boardwalk and the beach. Jammed packed.
It was a terrific nite and sounded just like them. They played for 3 hours and Stevie changed from her black outfit to
white. The entire band were fab. Didn’t want it to end!!
Rock on!!!

Susan L.

I was there with my BFF. We had a wonderful time. The Band is FANTASTIC!

Francine P.

Effortless Performance A Perfect “Stevie” ~ Thanks for a Rock’n Night of Music

Lisa M.

We loved it!!!! You guys are AMAZING!! Can’t wait to hear you again!

Gina S.

Janet, Lee and I were there but it was sooo crowded we couldn’t get your attention. You packed the place!!!! Another
amazing show. We brought friends who are now hooked!

Maryrose F.

The show was OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you. We had a WONDERFUL TIME!!!


First time seeing you & You didn’t disappoint!!!
Amazing Show Tonight!! You sounded incredible!!
Already looking forward to the next.

David W.

Our first time seeing you, but it won’t be the last!

Connie G.

It was an amazing night. And it truly was “Magical”

Cathy P.

We loved every minute of it!!! Thank you for a wonderful night!!!!

Denise B .

I’m a big time Stevie fan… THAT was an amazing show!! BRAVO
See you next time for sure

Vickie L.

You all blew me away! Can’t wait to see you again, just wow

Cathy K.

Love you guys! AMEN to bringing the gift of music and energizing us with intoxicating youthful classic jams and vibes!
This country needs more of your presence and getting us back to living the free and easy fun lifestyle again!
Come back to Massachusetts!!!

Jim K.

Superior shows last 2 years!! Looking forward to a repeat performance!!!! And nice to meet you last night!
Keep on Rockin’!

Paul B.

You guys were fan-f’n-tastic! Next time I’m bringing a posse!! The music clearly lives on!!!

James B.

7 Replies to “Fan Testimonials”

  1. Every single show is over-the-top ! To say you are talented is an understatement. The energy is amazing and your likeness to Fleetwood Mac is unbelievable ! You keep us singing and dancing the whole night. Love you guys. And always look forward to the next show. xoxoxo

  2. Absolutely amazing!! I haven’t been out in 4 years without my kids or granddaughter and it was so worth it!! I’m sporting my gold dust woman t shirt at work tonight!! Highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance!!

  3. Wow, I’ve seen many tribute/cover bands from
    AC/DC to Led Zep and I’m the hard rock/metal tip,
    but tonight I had the pleasure to watch and hear,
    Gold Dust Woman
    Now I know Fleetwood Mac -Stevie Nicks material
    But I went in without any inclination of how this band looked or sounded.We’ll every box checked…
    Musically the band was on point and tight
    Vocals and harmonies work effortlessly and
    we’re definitely a highlight to my ears.
    Stage presence, attention to detail and how
    they projected each song with conviction
    shows how much they care about the material
    To see these accomplished musicians for free
    is a shame and a blessing yet in the end I feel

  4. Watching you live now! Also saw you last year here in Rose Tree Park in Media PA. Awesome show! Love coming out to see you!

  5. got to see you tonight in media, pa for the first time and you were amazing!!!!! so impressed. my 8yr old daughter loved you as well!!!

  6. Great show last night 8/26/23 The Gordon Center for the Performing Arts, in Owings Mills, Md. It was the first time I saw the band perform, the theatre is small, but a great venue for this tribute band.

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